"The Slug and The Squirrel is now residing in California. We miss you Philly"

Monday, May 6, 2013



Anabela Castelão said...

Hello. Very different this vertical Terrariums. What´s your magic? How do they stand vertical? Anabela from Portugal.

Leslie Hohenfeld said...

Beautiful terrariums. I need your expert advise, I cannot get moss to establish itself in my terrariums, I gather moss from my own yard, be it from a shady or a sunny spot depending on the intended light for the terrarium but no matter what it won't thrive while the other plants do. Help, I love the look of moss.

safron said...

I love these terrariums. Can you tell me how you made them to stand vertical? I'd really like to try it. Deb


How do we get the answers to these questions?.

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